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Wholesale factory direct distillers of ROYAL OUD OIL for the most luxurious and most opulent : perfumes, fragrances, cosmetics and aromatics in the world

HAPPY OUD : Company Owner, FouNDer and COMPANY CEO

The company CEO, or Chief Executive Officer, is the top executive responsible for steering the organization’s direction, implementing strategies, and making crucial decisions. They lead by example, inspire teams, and strive for growth, success, and sustainability in a dynamic business environment.

Albert Peresa


The company CEO, as the top executive, is responsible for setting strategic goals, ensuring operational efficiency, and making critical decisions. They lead teams, cultivate a positive work environment, and collaborate with companies to drive growth, profitability, and success while upholding the company’s values and vision. As the pinnacle of executive leadership, the CEO is top executive of our strategic objectives, optimizing our operational prowess, and rendering pivotal resoluteness. Their leadership style is one of inspiration, fostering a culture of positivity within our organization. Collaborating closely with corporate partners, they champion the cause of company expansion, financial prosperity, and triumphant achievements, all while validating and keeping our unwavering corporate ethos, values and visionary ideals.

a message from HAPPY OUD cEO

Greetings to all…

I am Albert Peresa, the founder, owner, and ceo of HAPPY OUD. A rich, luxury oud oil distillation plant and wholesale rich luxury oud oil of Surfers Paradise GOLD COAST Australia.

I am Australian born and with a distinguished career spanning three extraordinary decades, I have consistently achieved significant success in the realm of Commercial Construction Project Management for Real Estate Development and also in E-commerce Business. My accomplishments extend to the pinnacle of achievement in Real Estate Sales, particularly in the luxury property sector. These triumphs have been meticulously cultivated within my through my family-owned businesses, which have commanded the luxury real estate market for more than half a century. During the course of my extensive career, I’ve garnered five years of expertise in oud oil production, complemented by an impressive two-decade tenure of meticulous experience in e-commerce.

This esteemed heritage serves as an irrefutable testament to the profound wellspring of wisdom that I bring to this distinguished enterpize. It is within this illustrious lineage that my expertise has been honed to a level of mastery that is truly without equal. This remarkable breadth of experience solidifies my position as a preeminent authority in this noble pursuit, further enriching the tapestry of my professional journey. 

As the CEO of HAPPY OUD, my foremost responsibility is charting the course for our organization. This entails developing comprehensive business strategies, making pivotal decisions, and ensuring that we maintain a clear path toward prosperity.

Effective leadership, in my view, means setting an example, motivating teams, and leveraging the power of digital marketing to fuel growth, success, and sustainability in an ever-evolving business landscape. These principles are at the core of HAPPY OUD’s mission.

I extend my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to our customers for their unwavering support and trust. You are instrumental to our success, and I am devoted to journeying together towards even greater achievements.

Our company’s journey has been remarkable, characterized by continuous growth and an unyielding devotion to innovation. It reflects our resilience and determination to remain at the vanguard of progress, offering transformative solutions to the digital market.

I want to acknowledge and celebrate our exceptional team’s unwavering dedication, hard work, and devotion, which have played a pivotal role in our success and shall continue to propel us forward.

Our future holds countless opportunities for growth and advancement, and I pledge to seize each one, striving for excellence and leading our company to greater success and prosperity.

I eagerly anticipate fostering collaborations with global perfume, fragrances, cosmetics, personal care product companies, and more types of businesses companies.

In my personal life, I have travelled various luxury parts of the world extensively and I hold a profound love for a truly exceptional and internationally renowned model, whom I love and cherish with all my loving heart. To her, to all of you, I wish an abundance of love, happiness, good health, courage, peace, longevity, safety, prosperity, and wealth. Have a wonderful day!

Together, let us forge a future brimming with happiness and prosperity.

Warm regards,

Albert Peresa HAPPY OUD Company Owner 

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